Python and Django

SK IT Software Solution provides Python and Django Online Course.


  • Introduction of Python Programming and Features
  • Python memory management
  • Installation of Python (Mac and windows) and python set up on Editor
  • Handling user inputs (input (), rlcompleter, and getpass)
  • Python variables and datatypes
  • Int, String, Lists, Tuples, Set, Dictionaries, etc., and their basic operations
  • Comments and docstring in Python
  • Control Statements and Loops
  • Python functions
  • PEP 8: Coding Style guide and libraries (pylint etc.,)
  • List Comprehensions, Functional Approach
  • Python anonymous functions, Map, Reduce, Filter
  • Python File Handling/Operations (Context managers)
  • Python Modules (JSON, OS, Sys, DateTime, etc.,)
  • Python Decorators
  • Python Generators and Iterators
  • Python dunder methods
  • Built-in iteration helpers: range (), zip (), enumerate (), reversed (), and sorted ()
  • Exception Handling and Custom Exceptions
  • Database connectivity (MySQL)
  • OOPs concepts
  • Class vs Static vs Instance methods
  • debugging techniques (breakpoint, pdb)
  • Python Unit Testing
  • Python logging
  • Time and Space Complexity
  • RESTful Services
  • Module based & comprehensive evaluation
  • Introduction to Django
  • Why Django over other frameworks? (Flask, fastAPI, pyramid)
  • Installation
  • Starting a new project and app
  • Folder structure
  • Django architecture – concepts of MVC & MVT
  • The flow of a request in Django
  • HTTP methods
  • Some important commands
  • Connection with database in Django settings
  • Creating user and superuser
  • Migrations
  • Concept of ORM
  • Models
  • Model inheritance (Overview)
  • Fields
  • Class and function-based view approach
  • Overview of Django mixins
  • What are templates?
  • Context
  • Static files
  • URLS
  • Django tags
  • CSRF tokens
  • Request object
  • How to use query parameters
  • Django form fields
  • Widgets
  • Django model forms
  • Django form sets
  • Form validation
  • Permission decorator
  • Cookies
  • Middleware’s
  • What is REST?
  • REST API design best practices
  • Comparison between Django and DRF
  • DRF views and serializers
  • Serializer validation
  • CORS
  • Authentication methods
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  • SK IT Software Solutions Will Provide Certificate After successfully Complete The Course.


  • Real Time Project work done by Student
  • Guidance on Interview and Resume Preparation.


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